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Already have a Website? Beeline will revamp your existing Website so it delivers the results that it can and should! 

Is your current website letting you down?

Many Businesses have trouble keeping up with the fast pace of the online world and their website is actually dragging them down rather than propelling their business forward!

There is fierce competition in the online world with your customers having an array of choice before their eyes on the device they are searching on whether it be their computer, their phone or tablet. You need a website that is relevant, provides a great user experience and gets your customers to take the action you want like call you or book an appointment. 

Common problems that business owners have with their existing website:

  • Not ranking on Google
  • Difficult to view on mobile devices
  • Outdated in design and aesthetics with outdated images
  • Confusing layout
  • Slow to load
  • Error messages
  • Doesn’t reflect current business’ direction

Don’t get left behind as your competitors overtake you, lead the pack with an exciting, simple and effective website! 
Your website is often your customer’s first impression of your business. You get to chose how your customers see you, this is a great opportunity. Make the most of the first impression and have a website that grabs attention for all the right reasons. A revamped and optimised website could be the key to unlock your business’ potential. 

See what an effective website can do for growing your business.

Contact Beeline for an obligation free quote and see how we can rebuild your existing website so you can get the results you want from your business.

Website Audits

We need to diagnose the problems before we can fix them. 

Beeline conducts a comprehensive user interface and search engine optimisation (UI & SEO) Audit on all website rebuilds. This helps us identify areas of improvement on your current website. Website audits consider a number of factors allowing us to accurately diagnose existing issues, provide recommendations and develop an effective solution that is tailored to your business plan. In the audit we investigate the following:








  • Keyword/phrase analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Internal and external links analysis
  • Image size and alt text analysis
  • Meta data analysis
  • Permalink analysis
  • Content relevance and analysis
  • NAP consistency
  • Website layout
  • Headlines
  • Content
  • Functionality
  • Site navigation
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Conversion process
  • Overall UX

The Fundamentals of Great Website Design

The fundamentals are the same for website builds & rebuilds. A great website is:

Effective & Purposeful

Your website needs to be effective in converting traffic to paying customers!

A website that is attractive to viewers as well as to Google with clear messages, clean coding and has a responsive design for your user.

In order to create a purposeful website we need to get down to the core of what the purpose of your business and website is. Clarity with this stage is the foundation for an effective and successful digital marketing strategy. 


Great User Experience

First impressions really DO count.

Your customers need to have a great user experience on your website. From the second your page loads right through to your about us page, it needs to be logical, responsive and clear.

It is that simple. Give the Customer what they want; answer their problem or question in a clear, concise way. These are webdesign fundamentals and the pillars or Beeline Web Desgin and Renovation. 

Search Engine Optimised

A good website is a visible website. 

Is your existing site buried in the later pages of Google? To get customers you need your website to be seen. 

 Your website needs to have authority is Google’s eyes; we build this through internal and external backlinks, relevant optimised content and simply put: your website needs to be the answer to your  customer’s search.  

Beeline can give your existing website the face lift it needs to be seen by Google and therefore seen by your customers! 


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