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We build customised and targeted websites to help your business get more leads and customers

Beeline specialises in designing and building websites that help your business grow by:

Expanding your client reach & increasing conversion rates. 

There are many web designers and developers out there that can build beautiful websites but very few can build a site that is designed upon Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & marketing principles. This is where we stand out from our competitors.

At Beeline we combine different but complimentary skillsets of SEO skills and marketing knowledge mixed together with web design and development skills to build sites that are Effective & Purposeful, provide a Great User Experience and are Search Engine Optimised. These are the three pillars of what makes a website effective in bringing customers to you and propelling your business forward.

We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can design a website that will get you the customers you want, this will drive your business to grow in the ways that you want. To get your ideal customers we need to know who they are, how they think, and how your business helps them solve a problem or answer a question. Your website needs to be designed for the customer.

We work with you to grow your business in a sustainable way with strong foundations that you can rely on.


Beeline's Website Building Process



 We meet you face to face to get a detailed understanding of your business, your current situation and your future goals. Based on your situation we provide a tailored online solution.




Using multiple industry leading analysis tools we conduct extensive keyword research to uncover an array of relevant keywords which your customers use to find your business. These keywords form the foundation of the website.


We build a website which reflects your business in a way which will appeal directy to your customers and is user friendly across any device. 




Upon completion we consult with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end product  before launching the site and going live.


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The 3 Pillars of a GREAT website

Effective & Purposeful

Your website needs to be effective in converting traffic to paying customers!

Beeline Marketing gets down to the nitty gritty to find out what the purpose of your business is, what is it that you want your customers to do when they reach your site?

…and then we design your website to do exactly that! 

Make your phone number visible everywhere, get your clients to book in for a consultation, visit your location and buy your products/services!

People need Prompts. 

Make it clear what you want you customer to do, take the guess work out of it. 


Search Engine Optimised

A good website is a visible website. 

To get customers you need your website to be seen. Search Engines like Google make the ultimate decision of which pages rank highly therefore which websites are seen by your customers.

How do we get Google to rank your website? Unlock Google and give it what it wants. Answer the customer’s search query, make your site user friendly with easy to navigate menu bars, relevant images, relevant content.

Beeline can build a website for your business that is recognised by Google and presented to your customers!

Great User Experience

First impressions really DO count.

Research shows that you have 5 seconds to grab the attention and interest of your customer. That is a very short time, ain’t no body got time for slow loading pages or ambiguous large slider images which look pretty but can confuse the user and slow your website down.

Get the point of your business across within the first 5 seconds by design and targeted images.

It is that simple. Give the Customer what they want; answer their problem or question in a clear, concise way. These are web design fundamentals and the pillars or Beeline Web Design. 


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