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At Beeline Marketing our aim is to help your business get more leads and customers. Everything we do comes back to that objective. From our initial consultation, the keyword research, the design process, all the way through to the build process and ongoing SEO strategy, it’s all focused on bringing in more of your ideal customers.


The Beeline Difference

Customer empowerment

We recognise our industry is full of wolves in sheep’s clothing. There are no shortage of cheap but low quality web design and SEO agencies providing very little benefit yet very eager to take the hard earned money of small to medium sized business owners. We strive to not only provide an excellent service to our customers but we also aim to empower them with knowledge.

We strive to empower our customers through transparency in our communication. During our initial obligation free consultations we freely answer all our customers queries in a simple and easy to understand manner. We do our best to provide multiple options and explain the pros and cons of each of them. Even when business owners decide not to take advantage of our expert services they leave the consultation more knowledgeable and empowered.

For our customers that sign up for an SEO package, we provide monthly progress reports so they can clearly see what work we’ve performed on their  website and the impact it is having on the websites search engine ranking position. Furthermore, our SEO packages have no lock in contracts, so you can cancel at any time.

Tailored websites

No generic one size fits all websites. We take the time to thoroughly understand you and your business during our initial consultation, to find out key information about your business such as 

  • What products or services you provide
  • What products or services you like to focus on now and into the future (perhaps the most profitable or most time efficient)
  • Who your ideal customer is
  • Who your competitors are
  • Your unique strengths

By gathering this important information in the initial stages we are able to tailor our website to match your needs and create a website that enhances your brand and appeals to your target customers.


Search Engine Optimised

Our websites are built to rank on Google. One of the main complaints we hear from business owners is that their website is not ranking and therefore not bringing in any customers. Their business website ends up becoming an expense rather than a high yielding investment.

Business website’s should be regularly bringing in leads and new customers and therefore should provide more money to a business than what is spent on it.

Most web design agencies are primarily focused on visuals and pay no attention to the main purpose of the website (to bring in new customers). One of the key factors influencing a websites ranking ability is the on page SEO.

We use multiple industry leading analysis tools to extensively research and filter through thousands of possible keywords to arrive at a selection of the best 50-100 keywords related to your business niche. These keywords form the foundation of the website. The entire site is created around the keywords rather than scattering them in the site as an afterthought, as is common practise in the industry. By using the right keywords as the foundation of our website builds we are able to ensure that the sites we create are able to rank for numerous keywords (from opposed to 1 or 2) related to your business offering. The more keywords a website ranks for the more often it will appear in search results. That means that there are many “roads” leading to your website.

Our Team at Beeline is fully trained in all aspects of Web development, SEO, UX & Website Design. We are Certified by
eBusiness Institute
Australia. Oh and did we mentioned we’re awarding winning too?


The Beeline Team 


William Saver Digital Agency Australia


Will’s keen eye and attention to detail makes him particularly good when it comes to keyword research and SEO. His logical and methodical manner helps him to organise and design websites that incorporate keywords in a relevant and useful manner. In his free time you’ll find Will out in the surf catching some fun ones or at home watching the mighty Saints dominate the AFL.

Cally Ledesma Beeline Digital Marketing Agency


Cally’s strengths lie in her ability to understand customers and the intricacies of their businesses. She channels this understanding to design visually stunning websites that accurately reflect the unique strengths of each business. When not working on Beeline projects she can be found immersed in various crafty projects such as making polymer clay jewellery or getting some fresh sunset air whilst running in the evenings.  

eBusiness Institute Digital Training and Certification
eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence
eBusiness Institute Digital Training and Certification

Our Values

At Beeline, our values reflect who we are as individuals:

    Strive for Growth

    Embrace challenge as opportunity

    Integrity & Authenticity

    We are who we say we are. We will follow through with our commitments and will show you through our words and actions that you can trust us


    We lift each other up: our team, our clients and our fellow humans

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